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PenAgain Y-shaped Twist 'N Write Pencils

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Make writing and drawing more fun for children with the Twist n Write Pencil! The Twist n Write Pencil is a uniquely shaped "Y" design, that encourages children to use a functional tripod pencil grip. The design helps eliminate tension in the fingers, hand and wrist. It can be used by left and right handers. The pencil features dual erasers integrated into the body of the pencil. The pencils are refillable (2mm lead) so never need sharpening. 

Each Pencil includes a tube of 5 x Pencil Refills and instructions for refilling the pencil. 

The Twist n Write Pencil is recommended:

  • To encourage a functional tripod grasp
  • To Motivate children to engage in written tasks 
  • Improve handwriting endurance 
  • For 4+ years 
Color: Pink