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Countdown Timer (8" / 20cm) Activity Time Timer for School, Work, Home or Sports

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Countdown Timer is a wonderful visual to provide predictability around time and support time management for children (or adults). The colourful timer shows the passage of time through the use of a red disc that disappears as time elapses. It is a great way of teaching children "time remaining" to manage transitions, help children wait, or teach them the concept of time passing. 

Countdown timer is recommended:

  • To highlight upcoming transitions and time remaining on a task. This provides predictability which supports regulation. 
  • To teach children the concept of passing of time 
  • To help motivate children to complete tasks 
  • For children 5+ years 

Size: 8" / 20cm 

**Please note the ticking sound of the clock, as per the product video **

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