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NDIS Payments

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
We support NDIS Participants and can currently accept Self Managed and Plan Managed payments online. We can't process Agency Managed payments at this stage.

Please note that we are not an NDIS provider. However, we are able to accept NDIS Self Managed payments if your budget allows for consumables, and for NDIS Plan Managed payments, in most cases the Plan Managers approve all of our orders with the exception of a few products. This usually depends on your plan and what your budget allows. If you're unsure, please speak with your Plan Manager about the items you wish to order before placing an order.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you add the NDIS Participant Name and NDIS Number to the 'notes' section on the cart page before proceeding to checkout. Most Plan Managers will require this on the invoice in order to make payment. If at anytime during the checkout process you forgot to add this, you can go back to the cart by clicking 'cart' in the top menu. See below.

For NDIS Self Managed payments, please DO NOT select this payment method as it will just send you an invoice to make the payment anyway. Instead, please checkout as you would normally and make the payment  via Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer and you will receive a Tax Invoice to keep for your records.

For NDIS Plan Managed payments, please forward the invoice email to your Plan Manager for approval and payment. This may need to be followed up with them directly.

Terms & Conditions

Items will not be shipped until cleared funds have been received in our bank account.

NDIS Orders have 30 day terms and if your payment isn't received within 30 days your order will be cancelled and your items will no longer be held for you. 

Checkout Instructions

Please happily shop on our website as you usually would by adding your selected products to your cart. The below process shows the checkout steps specifically for NDIS Plan Managed payments from the cart onwards.


Step 1: Click the Cart Icon in the top right corner


Step 2: Add your child's name and NDIS Participant Number to the notes for the invoice 


Step 3: Continue checkout process as usual until you get to the payment section.


Step 4: On the payment section select NDIS Plan Managed which will not require immediate payment, and instead will submit your order and send you an invoice.


Please note, if at anytime prior to completing your order you forgot to add the participant name and NDIS number to the notes, you can click 'cart' at the top of the checkout pages and return to the notes section.


If there is any questions that you may have, if you need any help with the products. please feel free to contact us via and we would be more than happy to chat.