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Lycra Sensory & Compression Tunnel 3m (Royal Blue)

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Lycra Tunnels provide endless fun, and support regulation and the development of motor skills at the same time!

The resistance offered by the lyrca provides proprioceptive (deep pressure) input. This assists is calming the central nervous system and supporting regulation. Crawling through the tunnel also decreases visual stimulation, allowing children to focus on sensations within the body. The tunnel also supports the development of motor skills including core strength, coordination and body awareness. 

The tunnel can be used in a variety of ways, including on flat surfaces or to provide a greater challenge and more proprioceptive feedback; spread over an uneven surface (i.e. pillows) or by pushing objects through the tunnel (i.e. large therapy ball). Children can crawl forwards, backwards or sideways or simply wrap themselves in the tunnel. 

The 3 metre tunnel features 4 handles (2 at each end) that can be held while a child crawls through. Alternatively secure handles under furniture i.e. dining table legs. 

Lycra Tunnel is recommended:

  • To provide proprioceptive feedback to support regulation
  • To reduce visual stimulation to support regulation 
  • Assist in the development of motor skills including strength, co-ordination, motor planning and body awareness 
  • During pretend play, such as obstacle courses 
  • 2+ years (with adult supervision) 

* Tunnel comes in Royal Blue *