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Therapy Peanut Ball for Gross Motor Skills Development

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The peanut therapy ball provides endless fun and opportunities for physical activity. The unique peanut-shaped design challenges balance, core stability, strength, and coordination, but provides more stability than a round ball.

Children can move forward, backward, up and down, and side to side. The body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging many more muscles than training directly on hard surfaces. It is a wonderful option for offering vestibular and proprioceptive input to support regulation. 

The Peanut Therapy is easy to inflate (a pump is included) and holds up to 100kg. 

The Therapy Peanut Ball is recommended: 

  • To provide vestibular and proprioceptive input to support regulation
  • To develop gross motor skills including core stability, balance, and coordination 
  • To support focus and attention 
  • For use as a flexible seating option 
  • For children 5+ years 

Size: 80 cm long in total and 40cm in diameter of ball ends. Size shifts during use.

IMPORTANT: Please use the provided hand pump as it has sufficient PSI to pump this material up to the desired size of 80cm x 40cm. It will not fully inflate with an electric pump or an inflatable mattress pump for camping. An electric air compressor might also be too powerful so we do not recommend using this either.