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Sensory Body Sock Blue

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Body Socks are stretchy, light weight suits that wrap around the body, providing deep pressure. Deep pressure assists in calming the nervous system, to support regulation, focus and attention. The deep pressure of the sock also assists in increasing body awareness. The resistance provided by the lycra is also a great to help burn off energy for busy bodies. 

Once children are inside the sock, they can engage in free play, strike poses, or complete every day tasks such as walking around the house or reading a book. 

The socks are easily portable, machine washable and a great addition to a sensory space, classroom or home. 

 Body Sock's are recommended:

  • To provide proprioceptive (deep pressure touch) input to support regulation 
  • For use in gross motor play 
  • To improve spatial awareness 
  • As a movement break activity 
  • For 4+ years 

Features: Bright blue, with x4 press studs. Size: 70cm W x 120cm H. Suitable for children up to 130cm tall. 

88% Nylon 12% Spandex

Please note: This item can stretch for taller children however the strength of the fabric may be compromised.