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Ivan's Hinge Problem Solving Game

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Take problem solving to a whole new level with Ivan's Hinge!!!

This challenge will find fun and brilliance converge! What starts out as simple pleasure in folding and flipping vivid pieces and sections leads to a head-scratching challenge when you attempt to match one of the colourful pattern cards. Solving one is an intense challenge. But solving all 56? - Get ready for a long-lasting adventure in tactile, brain-boosting excitement with Ivan's Hinge.

For Ages 8+ years. 

Each set includes: x1 hinge and x56 playing cards. 

Ivan's Hinge is recommended:

  • To develop problem-solving, critical thinking and concentration
  • To develop visual motor integration skills 
  • To improve visual processing 
  • To support fine motor skills 
  • To keep busy fingers and minds occupied at home, school, car trips, holidays or when you are out and about 
  • For ages 8+ years