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HART Sport Weighted Exercise Balls

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$19.95 - $29.95
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 *Balls are sold individually* 

Weighted Balls are a perfect addition to a child's "toolbox" of tools to support regulation and motor skills. Weighted products provide proprioceptive input to the body. Proprioception is our bodies awareness of position and movement. Muscles and joints detect proprioceptive input, when we push, pull, bend and stretch. Proprioceptive input has a calming and organising impact on the central nervous system and is therefore important in supporting regulation, focus and attention. 

The balls are made from a durable, soft outer shell with filler. This ensures the balls are safe for workouts and do not bounce or roll away when dropped. They can be easily wiped to clean. 

It is recommended weighted balls be approximately 10% of a child's weight. 

  • Yellow 0.5kg - 13cm diameter
  • Green 1kg -  13cm diameter
  • Blue 2kg -13cm diameter

Weighted Balls are recommended:

  • To Support regulation of behaviour and emotions by calming the nervous system 
  • To Increase proprioceptive input the body receives 
  • To develop gross motor skills including strength, coordination and planning 
  • To Foster imaginary play 
  • For 2+ years, under adult supervision

 *Balls are sold individually* 

Weight: 0.5kg (Yellow)