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3m Battle Rope for Kids / Childrens Tug Of War Rope

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Get children active with a game of tug-of-war. Tug of War is a fun game where children pull one side of the rope against their opponents force. Tug Of War can we played in teams where there are two or more children on one side of the rope, or played individually with one person on either side of the rope. Make it as competitive at you please!

Each Rope is 3m in length, 38mm in diameter, and weights 2.6kg. Ropes feature non-slip re-enforced handles and a protective cover over the rope.

The Tug Of War Rope is recommended:

  • To encourage physical activity 
  • To develop gross motor skills including core and upper body strength and coordination 
  • To foster social skills 
  • For children 4+ years