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Elizabeth Richards Tactile Foot and Support Wedge

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The Tactile Wedge offers children the opportunity to move while learning or engaging in table top activities. The wedge can be placed under children's feet for them to kick or rub their feet against. Alternatively, children can sit on the cushion and weight shift when they require movement. Sitting on the tactile wedge also assists in correcting posture. This is particularly helpful for children with low muscle tone.

You can easily customise firmness of the wedge to contour exactly to each individual's needs. Whether used under the feet or sat on, the tactile wedge is a great way of providing tactile and proprioceptive sensory input to support regulation. 

Size: 34cm x 35cm x 6cm when inflated

Weight limit for seating use: 100kg 

The Tactile Wedge is recommended:

  • The provide tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive sensory input to support regulation
  • To improve seated posture 
  • To foster muscle tone development
  • For 4+ years