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T-Shape Chew Tubes Sensory Toys for Children

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T Chew Tubes are a fun textured tube for children to chew, shaped like letter "T". T Chew Tubes are great alternative to chewing fingers, clothing or objects. Made of durable, smooth silicone, they provide oral motor input to assist in calming an overwhelmed nervous system, so a child is able to pay attention and think logically. 

T Chew Tubes are recommended:

  • To provide oral motor input to support regulation, focus and attention
  • As a fun alternative to chewing objects, body parts or clothing 
  • To develop oral motor muscles 
  • 3+ years 

Care instructions: 

  • Clean by hand: Cleaned by hand using a clean damp cloth and warm soapy water. Then rinse off and dry
  • Dishwasher: Put into the dishwasher on the top shelf (below 65C).

* Please note: Chews are considered to be a consumable item and are not designed to last forever. As soon as you see any sign of wear and tear discard your chews *

Size: 70mm (H), 60mm (W), 10mm (D)

Colour: Red