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Skipping Rope for Children (Heavy Duty / High Quality)

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Skipping ropes are a fun way to stay active and build skills such as coordination, motor planning and posture. Challenge children to come up with novel skipping routines once they have mastered the basic skip! Made from quality rubberised PVC rope with tough, colour coded plastic handles. 

Skipping Ropes are recommended:

  • To support overall fitness
  • To encourage physical activity
  • To develop gross motor skills including coordination, motor planning 
  • As a movement break to support regulation 
  • To develop creativity; by coming up with different ways to skip 
  • For children 3+ years 

*Note: Rope is 1.8m and recommended for children up to 140cm. The best length for a skipping rope is when the user can stand on the middle of the rope with both feet and the handles come under the armpits. 

Length can be adjusted if required by either tying a knot at the ends or uncrimp metal collar and recrimp to the correct size.