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Second Scout Little Agenda Visual Schedule (LARGE)

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Do we have swimming today? How many sleeps to go until my birthday party? Little Agenda is a magnetic visual planner has been designed specifically to help answer these questions using pictures.

It's versatile! Some picture tiles are double sided, and the board is reversible - weekly on one side, blank on the other.

Second Scout Little Agenda Visual Schedule is recommended;

  • To support regulation by providing routine and predictability 
  • To develop social skills such as negotiating weekly activities 
  • For 3 + years or older if children are prone to putting objects in their mouth. Adult supervision is recommended. 

Set includes: 20 magnetic timber tiles, 1 timber backing board, 1 timber base, 4 magnetic shift tiles (today, morning, afternoon & evening)

Tiles: School (side A), Kindergarten/Preschool (side B) x 5, Grandparents (side A), Grandparent (side B) x 2, home x 2, swimming, play date, shopping, sports, party, birthday, appointment, library, park, eat out/ takeaway & beach.

Backing board measures 390mm wide x 300mm high

The original concealed magnetic timber picture helpers by Second Scout® are:
Durable and easy to wipe clean  |  Made from premium timber |  Printed & sealed with a non-toxic finish