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OT Store Body Sensation Cards

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Support Regulation in all ages with Body Sensations Cards!

Sensations are the things we notice in our body that alert us to how we are feeling or what our body needs. Learning about body sensations is essential for emotion regulation. When children learn about different sensations in their body, it gives them vital cues about ensuing emotions. Once children have a better understanding of their internal sensations, they will be better equipped to alter their state as needed.

Body Sensations Cards an intended to educate children (and adults) on different sensations they may feel within their body and provide vocabulary to describe sensations.

Each set includes 50 laminated body sensations cards and some suggested ways to use the cards.

Size: 11cm x 16cm

Each pack includes a storage bag to protect the cards and for convenient transportation. 

    OT Store Body Sensation Cards are recommended:

    • To provide an understanding of body sensations to support emotion regulation 
    • As a foundation for improved self regulation 
    • For children aged 3+ years (younger with support of an adult, and dependent on the activity card).