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Mindful & Co World Map Floor Puzzle

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Puzzles are more than just a way to pass the time. Particularly during periods
of high stress, becoming immersed in a puzzle can be like practicing a mindful
meditation, relaxing your mind and body, decreasing stress, and even slowing your
heart rate and lowering your blood pressure.

Mindful & Co World Map Floor Puzzle has been developed as a mindfulness tool to ignite curiosity, spark creativity and unite humanity. This is human-centred learning at its best. Encouraging children’s imaginations and carrying them across oceans and
into new worlds and cultures.

The Puzzle can be enjoyed individually, as an entire family or in the classroom.
Spend minutes or hours reflecting on the world around us, whilst providing your
child with endless critical life skills and traits. Beautifully illustrated by Chloe
Jasmine this puzzle has an accompanying downloadable Activity Book PDF and
sticker set.

• 915 x 610mm Floor Puzzle
• 48 Puzzle Pieces
• 59 Printed Stickers
• PDF Downloadable Activity Book

Mindful & Co World Map Floor Puzzle is recommended:

  • To develop fine motor skills including coordination and pincer isolation 
  • To develop visual perception skills
  • To foster problem solving skills 
  • To support emotion wellbeing 
  • To encourage Mindfulness And Self-Awareness
  • For children 3+ years