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Francesca the Weighted Flamingo

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Francesca is a therapeutic Flamingo who is perfect for all children including our sensory and anxious friends. She is lovingly infused with French lavender to encourage relaxation. Her soft texture and weighted body is perfect for supporting regulation, reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality. She’s there for you to hold you, calm you, heal you with soft snuggles. Heat her up, cool her down, give her lavender body a cuddle. Her weighted padding is perfect for restoration, relaxation, and reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, enhancing focus, and calming you down quietly.

Sensory Weighted Animals are a perfect addition to a child's "toolbox" of tools to support regulation. Weighted products provide proprioceptive input to the body; similar to the feeling of a hug. Proprioception is our bodies awareness of position and movement. Muscles and joints detect proprioceptive input when we push, pull, bend and stretch. Proprioceptive input has a calming and organising impact on the central nervous system and is therefore important in supporting regulation, focus and attention. 

Francesca the Flamingo is soft, loveable, portable and easily washable. They are non-invasive, allowing children to receive proprioceptive input without feeling different. 

It is recommended weighted animals be approximately 10% of a child's weight. 

Specifications: 1.8 kg's, 18 x 22 x 31 cm

Francesca the Weighted Flamingo is recommended: 

  • To support regulation of behaviour and emotions by calming the nervous system 
  • To increase proprioceptive input the body receives 
  • To support sleep 
  • To foster imaginary play 
  • For 2+ years and 18+ kg's 

Please note that while Francesca The Weighted Flamingo is soft and cuddly, she is also a special toy that requires gentle care. To ensure her longevity and safety, we recommend that children handle Francesca with care and that he is not subjected to rough play or washing. While we strive to create toys that are both durable and lovable, we cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur due to improper use. Thank you for your understanding and for giving Francesca the love and attention she deserves.

Heat your Francesca to:

Comfort, stay warm on cold nights, soothe muscles, joints and tension

Warming instructions:

500-750 W microwave maximum 60 seconds

800-1000 W microwave 30 seconds

Cool your Francesca to:

Comfort hot nights, soothe bumps and bruises, enjoy the relaxing lavender scent

Cooling instructions:

Place on a clean surface or in a bag in the freezer or refrigerator for up to several hours to cool desired temperature