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Jellystone Designs DIY Calm Down Bottle

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Sensory bottles can assist children to regulate their thoughts and breathing, as they watch the creative elements in their bottle settle after the bottle is shaken. The bottle is a great way to represent a stressed brain (when the creative elements are shaken) and a calming mind (as the elements settle). 

In this pack, you will receive all the creative elements (i.e. glitter, glitter glue) required to create a sensory bottle. Just add water and a dash of washing up liquid and it's ready to go! You can refill and reuse the sensory bottle with a wide variety of objects. 

DIY Calm Down Bottle is recommended:

  • To support regulation by providing calming visual input
  • To assist in regulating big emotions 
  • To assist in understanding a regulated and dysregulated state 
  • To encurage creativity and imagination 
  • For 2+ years 
Color: Blue