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Fat Brain Toys Crankity Gears Problem Solving Puzzle

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Get your brain cranking with this fun, problem solving game! 

Start by choosing a puzzle of your choice. There are four levels of difficulty based on skill level. Slide the card under the clear grid, then place the red gear and yellow wheel as indicated. Each puzzle will show you an array of colours and sizes of gears, and how many of each you'll need (you'll see them printed along the bottom of the card). Pull those out (you MUST use all of them!). There are multiple solutions to each puzzle. 

When the gear teeth interlock, you'll be able to turn the wheel and send the whole contraption spinning!

Each set includes: 15 gears, gear tray, storage bag, 40 puzzles

 Crankity is recommended:

  • To develop problem-solving, critical thinking and concentration
  • To develop visual motor integration skills 
  • To improve visual processing 
  • To support fine motor skills 
  • To keep busy fingers and minds occupied at home, school, car trips, holidays or when you are out and about 
  • For ages 6+ years