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Adjustable Circular Hopscotch

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Adjustable Circular Hopscotch is a novel twist on the classic Hopscotch Game. Adjustable Circular Hopscotch  will help get children active while having a whole lot of fun!

Each set of x10 multi-colored rings and 10 easy snap connectors that can be set up in a variety of configurations. This encourages child to use their imagination to invent new ways to jump and play. Adjustable Circular Hopscotch is great for indoor and outdoor use; on your driveway, backyard, classroom, bedroom, hallway or play room. 

Each set contains x10 Coloured Rings (Diameter; 38cm) and x10 Connectors (Length; 8.5cm) 

Adjustable Circular Hopscotch is recommended: 

  • To develop gross motor skills including coordination, strength, agility and balance 
  • For imaginary play 
  • To encourage physical activity 
  • To provide vestibular and proprioceptive input to support regulation 
  • For 3+ years