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Why do OT Sessions just look like play time?

Why do OT Sessions just look like play time?

Children have two main occupations; learning and play. Through play, children learn and understand about the world around them.

Play enables children to develop a wide range of skills including;

  • Motor skills such as coordination, strength, balance and spatial awareness;
  • Sensory awareness;
  • Social skills such as turn-taking, sharing and collaborating;
  • Cognitive skills such as problem-solving, imagination and working memory;
  • Regulation of behaviour and emotions.

Because play is a primary occupation for children, it is highly motivating for a child to engage in play. OT sessions that are play-based allow children to have fun, without realizing they are learning. OT’s select resources and activities purposefully, to assist in achieving a child’s goal.

For example, creating and completing an obstacle course may be for the intention of developing motor skills, cognitive skills or to assist in regulation.

If your child is seeing an OT, they will be able to recommend resources to assist with your child’s learning and development. Alternatively, feel free to ask our friendly staff for ideas.

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