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Colourful Shape Sorter

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A fun sensory and learning experience for little ones! Colourful Shape Sorter is a great exploratory experience for little ones. Children are encouraged to push various shapes through the elastic bands of the cube. Pull the shapes out and repeat. It's innovative fun! 

Each set comes with;

  • Six chunky, brightly coloured blocks; each with their own fascinating textures that are sure to thrill the fingers. There's a sphere, pentagon, flower, triangle, cube and shell. 
  • Alphabet letters: ABCD
  • Basic Shapes: Triangle, star, circle and square 

Colourful Shape Sorter is recommended:

  • To develop fine motor skills including coordination, midline crossing and pincer isolation
  • For tactile exploration
  • To develop problem solving 
  • For Colour and shape recognition 
  • 18+ months (younger with parental supervision)