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Animal Alphabet Phonic Cards

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Teach your child alphabet letters and their sounds with Animal Phonics Cards!

Letters are symbols for the sounds we make when we speak (i.e. words). Phonics is all about connecting these letters to the sounds they represent. It’s vitally important for kids learning to read because they start by sounding out words. So, understanding that letters stand for sounds is really the key!  

This pack of cards contains the 26 letters of the alphabet beautifully illustrated with a picture of an animal that represents its sound, along with written instructions to help support you to teach your child.  Cards are durable, wipeable and come with a calico string bag for long lasting storage!

Size: 10.5cm by 14.9cm

Animal Phonics Cards are recommended to:

  • Introduce young children to the sounds of the alphabet (phonics)
  • Increase sound awareness
  • Support letter formations 
  • Support you to teach your child 3-6 years