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Textured Twisty Tangle Fidget

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The Twisty Tangle Fidget is a bright and fun fidget toy for children to play with and wear. The Fidget can be manoeuvred into many forms based on your imagination! Twist it, link it, fidget with it.

The textured tangle has bumps and lumps and all kinds of different textures along its length for additional textural stimulation. 

Pull the links apart and make it longer, match the colours or make your own colour combinations. It is a wonderful, discrete tool for children to fidget with at home, school on on the go!

It is ideal as a discreet fidget tool for school, home and anywhere else. It is also useful for exercising hand muscles.

Available in 3 colours; Colour selected at random. Each Textured Twisty Tangle Fidget is Sold as a Single. 

Product size: 3.5cm x 5cm x 3.5 cm (coiled up) or approximately 18cm (fully unravelled)

The Textured Twisty Fidget Link is recommended: 

  • As a fidget tool to support regulation
  • To develop fine motor skills including strength and coordination 
  • For 3+ years