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Dual Finger Space Ruler Pack: Green & Blue

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Unlock the full potential of handwriting education with our Dual Finger Space Ruler Pack, perfectly tailored for children of various ages. This pack includes:

  1. Green Finger Space Ruler - Ideal for older children in Grade 1 and up, this tool enhances spatial organization of written work, teaches directionality from left to right, and includes a ruler for accurate measurement.

  2. Blue Finger Space Ruler - Designed for younger learners from pre-school to Grade 2, this ruler offers similar benefits, helping to introduce the fundamentals of proper letter and word spacing with its directional arrow and measuring scale.

Both rulers are crafted to support children in learning the essential skills of handwriting, ensuring they grasp the concept of spacing and directionality effectively. Whether for personal use, educational settings, or as a thoughtful gift, this pack is an invaluable resource for fostering early writing skills.