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Rainbow Music Tree

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The Rainbow Music Tree is a beautiful addition to a play space, therapy room or classroom. Children will be mesmerised watching and listening to the musical sound created as coloured balls cascade down the leaves of the Rainbow Music Tree. Children can experiment with the speed the balls are released to change the music created. As the balls wind down the petals, watch and listen, and the tree will sing its beautiful melody.

The Rainbow Music Tree comes with small timber balls (approximately 1.5cm diameter) which create a unique musical sound. Children can experiment with different sized marbles and wooden balls to change the sound produced.

The effect of the rhythmical melody is harmonising and calming to the senses and the movement of the marbles is mesmerising to watch. Children will be immersed for hours, watching and listening to the beautiful sound of the music tree. 
The Rainbow Music Tree is recommended:
  • To provide visual and auditory input to support regulation 
  • To develop creativity, problem solving and imagination 
  • For Imaginary play 
  • To foster fine motor skills 
  • To develop learning concepts including colour recognition and counting 
  • For 2+ years (younger children with supervision due to small parts)

* Note: Colours may vary slightly *

Size: 22cm x 22cm (base),  70cm (height)